” Kathrine is a very professional, kind, compassionate gentle soul with a vast knowledge of numerous healing energy therapies. I have experienced many spectacular IET, Body Memory Recall and other healing energy treatments with Kathrine which have helped balance and heal my mind, body and soul peacefully. Her treatments and the healing atmosphere she creates are amazing and I always look forward to my next session.

My 8 year old son loves Kathrine’s Distant IET and Healing Treatments. They have had a profound positive effect on his behaviour and healing. We adore Kathrine and appreciate her unconditional guidance, support, loving spirit and willingness to integrate her healing therapies to assist us.

She is always willing to listen and provide nonjudgmental assistance to help us feel better and live our most peaceful lives filled with joy. Words cannot truly express how thankful we are for Kathrine and her healing therapies- we express gratitude daily! We have also recommended Kathrine’s services to familyand friends. Thank you Kathrine!!”

A&BH- Stoney Creek, Ontario


“The vibrational frequency that Kathie facilitates in her healing sessions surpasses my expectations with every treatment. Her loving wisdom is never intrusive and her intuition harmonizes with my own healing path.  She is truly a gifted healer.”

S.B. ,Technological Education Teacher, Waterdown, Ontario


“I have had the pleasure of having Kathrine as an instructor and practitioner. I took her IET course and found her style of teaching easy to follow, interesting, and playful.
As a practitioner, I go to Kathrine for IET treatments and enjoy her gentle, professional, and insightful approach.
Always a pleasure.”  

H.C., Burlington, Ontario


“I had the privilege of meeting Kathrine in 2011 at a Healing Angels Workshop. At that time I did not know that I would begin an amazing journey with her from Reiki, IET, spiritual growth and healing to meditation and yearly vision board personal goal setting. 

Kathrine truly has been blessed with a gift from her Angels and I will be forever grateful to universe  for bringing me to her.”
W.W., Burlington, Ontario
“Kathrine’s distance Aqualead treatment was amazing! I started vibrating the moment the session began and experienced so many healing visions and messages. I felt calmer and more relaxed for days to come.”
D.N., Boston, Mass.
“Kathrine is truly an earth Angel. Her heart is full of love and she is extremely intuitive and caring in her approach to energy healing treatments and also when she teaches energy healing classes. I am eternally grateful because as my IET  Instructor, Kathrine helped me to realize my soul’s full potential.” 
G.U., psychic medium, Hamilton, Ontario
I was so happy to have an Aqualead treatment with Kathrine. I have had many treatments of Reiki and other energy modalities but this practice is so different and so wonderful. I felt like I was floating in the warmest of water, as if all the water in my body and its links to my spirit were flowing gently together. Afterwards, I was so relaxed and calm and continued those feeling for many days afterwards. I would definitely recommend this new therapy to others and I plan to book another session soon. My thanks to Kathrine for integrating this therapy into her practice and making it available to all of us.”  

Teresa B., Burlington, Ontario


My Integrated Energy Therapy sessions with Kathrine have been absolutely AMAZING! After going through some major life challenges, I was left feeling exhausted, sad, unmotivated and stuck.  During my incredibly powerful treatments, I experienced a very deep healing and clearing, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Immediately afterwards, I felt energized, my health improved, and I began to feel more joyful and optimistic about life again. Her ability to relay intuitive messages to me also left me feeling inspired and uplifted. 

Since my treatments, I have experienced so many blessings and miracles in my life.  My life has totally turned around.

Kathrine, I am so grateful to you and the angels for your helpYou are without a doubt one of the most gifted healers I know.

With love and appreciation,

I.C., Grimsby, Ontario



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