cross light in the darkness in your hands

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle touch therapy that focuses on balancing your body’s energy, with emphasis on the chakras (the energy centres that are located down the mid-line of the body). The energy that flows through the practitioner’s hands to you distributes itself naturally throughout the body in a way that is right for you in the moment.




Some of the reported effects and benefits to a recipient are as follows:
• Balancing and alignment of the body’s energy and the chakras
• Revitalization
• Relief of stress and anxiety
• Deep relaxation
• Release of blocked energy and emotions
• Promotes healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level

During your treatment

During a reiki treatment you remain fully clothed and typically lie on your back throughout the treatment – though you can receive in any position that is comfortable for you.  The therapist uses light touch or holds hands above the body to direct the energy and encourage release and beneficial energy flow.

After your treatment
At the end of a reiki session, it is typical to feel relaxed, recharged and refreshed. Some people report feeling heavy, while others feel lighter.  At times there can be a period of integration of the treatment during which one could feel tired, emotional, or withdrawn.  However, after this period, the same beneficial feelings usually follow.  Many report a shift in perspective, less stress and anxiety, and greater calm after receiving reiki. Individual results will of course vary, as with any holistic therapy.

“Reiki is a place where many people begin their exploration of energy therapy – as I did. What I experienced after my first treatment was an immediate calmness, followed by a lasting shift in perspective that equipped me to handle life and job stresses with greater ease.”

Pricing:  Regular Session (1 hour) – $125, Half Session (1/2 hour) – $75

 Contact Kathrine  with any questions or to book a session


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