Metatron Colour Healing

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What is Metatron Colour Healing®?

Metatron Colour Healing is a healing modality that combines gentle touch, meditative techniques and intuitive guidance, and uses the power of colour, crystals, sound, aromatic sprays and sacred geometry to assist with balancing the energy body and restoring optimal health.  This modality focuses on balancing the major chakras but works as well on the chakras in the aura (particularly the soul star and earth star chakras) and the chakras that are associated with our change in consciousness (the high heart and the alta major chakras).

Metatron represents a powerful angelic frequency that assists with transformation and movement in one’s life.  When this energy shows up, it is time for change and that change will surely be supported by the divine.

Whether you are feeling in need of an upgrade, or you sense a need for healing the past or bringing greater clarity to your future and your purpose, this session will prove beneficial.

During your treatment

During a Metatron Colour Healing session you remain fully clothed and typically lie on your back throughout the treatment.  The therapist uses light touch and may guide you through meditations or deliver intuitive messages that will help you release what doesn’t serve you and rebalance and recharge your energy body.  Your therapist will typically tune into your energy in advance and determine how to tailor the treatment to best suit you in the moment. Depending on your needs, the therapist may incorporate crystals, sacred geometry, oracle card messages, essential oil sprays, colour and/or sound to assist in your treatment.  If you are particulary drawn to any of these elements you can express your own preferences for treatment.  Likewise, if any do not agree with you (such as essential oils) you are free to eliminate these elements.  

After your treatment

At the end of a Metatron Colour Healing session, it is typical to feel relaxed, recharged and refreshed. Many report feeling clearer or appreciate a new insight or perspective that was received as a result of the session.  At times there can be a period of integration of the treatment during which one could feel tired, emotional, or withdrawn.  However, after this period, the same beneficial feelings usually follow.  Individual results vary, as with any holistic therapy.

“I was introduced to Metatron energy early in my spiritual journey.  I am thankful to the originator of this modality, Amanda Ellis, for connecting me more fully to the channelling strength this energy brings, opening up communication with spiritual realms.  Metatron’s energy is all about moving us collectively to a more peaceful, joyful and loving existence here on Earth”

Pricing:   Regular Session (1 hour) – $125.

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