Healing Services

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“Energy healing is like defragmenting your hard drive. The scattered pieces of yourself become whole again.” 

― Jennifer Ritchie Payette

In all of the various energy healing modalities, the goal is the same. To heal the body, mind and soul by raising our energetic vibration. We are comprised of molecular energy and we are in constant energy exchange with our environment. Just as we breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, we are designed to take in energy through our chakras and cells and release it in the same way.

An energy therapist is a trained professional who is skilled at accessing energy and assisting in this exchange for your optimal health.

 Lighter Life Dynamics offers a menu of Energy Healing therapies that are designed to support you in releasing that which no longer serves you, with the intent of returning you to your original and natural state of health and well – being so you are free to be who you truly are. Energy therapies not only improve your physical, mental and emotional states, but they are designed to reset your presence and wake up the potential that lies within you. Through this method of healing, you come to understand that the life force that enters and leaves your body flows throughout the universe, connecting you to all things.  This immutable connection has always been there. As you awaken to its presence, life can take a perceptible shift toward self-love, awe, wonder and soul awareness that leaves you forever transformed and positioned to create and attract all that you desire.


While we may first look to energy healing to balance and heal physical or mental challenges, it ultimately allows us to move from endurance of life to enjoyment.”    


Choose from any of these services to support your growth:





Metatron Colour Healing

Not sure which therapy to choose?


 Let Kathrine help you decide according to the needs you describe and intuitive guidance that is received. The main benefit of this session is that it will be more closely tailored to your individual needs at the time. You could receive a combination of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy ®, pranic healing technique, or Body Memory Recall ® , or you could end up with a session in just one or two of these energy therapies. But in every case, after an initial interview, Kathrine will discuss an approach with you and will only proceed with your informed consent.


Additional Services Available from Lighter Life Dynamics:



(available on all services except BMR)



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