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Integrated Energy Therapy is a wonderful energy therapy that can be used with other modalities, or as a stand alone treatment. It focuses on the release of blockages from the cellular memory, introducing more empowering energies in the their place. Kathrine teaches the first three levels of IET – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level provides you with a manual and a certificate upon completion.


The BASIC LEVEL course provides you with an initial attunement to the IET energy, which activates the 1st and 2nd pairs of spiritual DNA, empowering you to energize and release cellular memory blocks. You will learn the basic IET positions involving cellular memory areas and integration points, as well as guidance in accessing the unique IET energy.

The INTERMEDIATE LEVEL course provides a second attunement activating the 3rd and 4th pair of spiritual DNA and further sensitizing the hand chakras to enable you to work not only on the body, but in the auric field as well, enhancing the release of emotional and traumatic blockages and imprints.

The ADVANCED LEVEL course provides a third attunement which unlocks the 5th DNA
pair and activates the energy of your soul’s purpose. You will learn additional techniques to assist yourself and your clients in living your purpose and manifesting your dreams. You will also receive instruction on anchoring angelic energy into the Earth.


Heart from water splash with bubbles

AQUALEAD is an energy therapy focused on healing water in both living beings and in the environment. It has a strong cleansing and purifying effect as it helps remove toxins and lower vibrations from the water on the Earth, and in the body. We are all at least 70% water so it is logical to focus on this element when healing. An Aqualead session often leads to a refreshed and invigorated feeling and helps one gain more insight and clarity.  It can also have a calming effect which is helpful for anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.  The Aqualead modality was channelled by Sabine Blais in 2008 from Angel Ariel and is therefore a relatively new vibration for healing. This is a certificate course which is  by donation only.

LEVEL I AQUALEAD  focuses on  healing water inside living organisms and also includes a component on animal communication.  Each student receives an attunement to the first level of Aqualead energy and receives instruction on how to give an Aqualead healing session in person or by distance.  A Certificate will be provided upon completion.

LEVEL II AQUALEAD is focused on healing the water on the planet, aiding agriculture and plant life, transforming situations, enhancing creativity and transmuting lower energies into a higher order.  Each student receives an attunement to the second level of Aqualead energy and is given instruction on how to practice distance healing. (pre-requisite – Aqualead Level I).

MASTER LEVEL AQUALEAD  is focused on manifestation and teaching Aqualead to others.  Each student receives a master level attunement  and learns how to attract and manifest water, how to send distance healing using crystals, and how to hold classes and attune others. (pre-requisites – Aqualead Levels I and II and minimum of four months’ experience).

AQUALEAD UNICORN SYMBOLS is for those who have taken the Master level and teaches additional symbols to be used to help heal emotions, clear DNA of ancestral issues and protect the environment.  There is no additional attunement involved, just instruction around use of the symbols. AQUALEAD MOVEMENT SYMBOLS can also be taught to Masters who are interested in working more with movement and manifestation.

QUELDON is a newer energy therapy which is distinct from Aqualead though Level II Aqualead is a prerequisite.  Queldon energy is intended to help shift the consciousness of humanity and bring the human mind back to a state of freedom and self balance, detached from material concerns. A Queldon session is practiced without touch, brining the energy in through the use of hand mudras.


Close up Bare Hand of a Man Covering Small Flowers at the Garden with Sunlight Between Fingers.

Reiki is an energy healing practice that balances the body’s energy system to increase well being and promote healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.   Anyone can learn this beneficial practice – no prior experience with energy or healing work is necessary. Reiki is an excellent compliment for any healing practitioner or health worker, but it also benefits individuals who can use it to bring balance and peace to their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.   There are many different schools of Reiki which are all variations on the practice originally created by Mikao Usui in Japan. 

Tera Mai Reiki is a Western adaptation of Usui Reiki, said to incorporate both the healing energies of Mother Earth and the energies of Egypt. It is taught in three levels, Level I, Level II and Master Level. Each course involves a manual and a certificate upon completion.

In LEVEL I each student receives an attunement to Reiki energy and  learns:

  • The history and fundamental principles of Reiki
  • The basics of the body’s energy system
  • How to work with healing energy
  • How to give a treatment, including hand positions
  • A method for self healing

In LEVEL II each student receives a second attunement and learns:

  • Reiki symbols and how to use them to enhance a healing practice
  • distance healing with Reiki energy
  • additional hand positions and methods for treating specific ailments and inbalances
  • the basics of the human energy field (the aura)

In MASTER LEVEL, each student receives a third attunement, learns the master symbols, and receives instruction on how to give attunements and instruct others in this modality.



meditationMeditation has been clinically shown to increase relaxation and happiness levels and reduce stress, fear, mild depression and anxiety. It can bring more peace to your life and promote healing and creativity. Yet the practice 
can be difficult to establish and maintain, given the many distractions and stresses in our world today.

Kathrine first learned meditation from Deepak Chopra and Davidji of the Chopra Centre. She offers workshops in various methods of meditation and tips on overcoming typical challenges, whether you are just beginning your practice or seeking to regain or enhance your experience. In these workshops, you will also be given the opportunity to meditate in a supportive group setting which can amplify calming energies and help you reach deeper levels of consciousness.




What are angels and are they real? This workshop explores that question and invites you to meet and work with a number of healing angel energies through use of a special meditation technique called “heart linking”.  Discover the special healing gifts that each angel brings and invite them to support you in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey.  No prior connection, experience or belief in angels is required – just an open mind and heart.

 NOTE:  Kathrine is available to travel to provide classes and workshops in your area.  Pricing will depend upon location and numbers.

Contact Kathrine with questions, for schedules, pricing or to sign up for Training and Workshops


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