Body Memory Recall

Release and Be Free


Body Memory Recall® or BMR consists of hands on healing that includes not only subtle energy work, but myofascial release as well as visceral manipulation. When a person has an experience that is stressful or overwhelming,  the body elicits a freeze response that suppresses the memory of that experience not only in the mind, but in the body.  Body memories can ultimately recreate pain and illness for us if they are not released in a healthy way.  BMR involves locating the areas in the fascia of the body that have stored these experiences in order to release them and to improve overall health and well being.

The body has a self-healing intelligence and a skilled BMR practitioner can encourage the release of the freeze response so that the body moves into a healing response instead. By releasing past pain and trauma, BMR is promoting health, growth and vitality.

During your Treatment

It is best to wear comfortable excercise shorts and a tank top or sports bra for a BMR treatment.  You will typically lie down for a treatment, but you may move spontaneously as you release, or be asked by your practitioner to move into different positions to allow access to areas to be treated.  Minimal, loose clothing will allow for this movement and also allow direct body contact as needed.

After your Treatment

You may continue to release and process trapped emotions following a treatment.  You could also experience some physical aches and pains.  Self-care is important – be it simply time alone to process, or salt baths and additional alternative treatments to support your healing.  Your practitioner can assist you in chosing the best support for you.


“My own experience with BMR is that it powerfully releases restrictions in energy flow and restores health and vitality to the body.  It actually freed me of some chronic degenerative health problems, not only halting the progression of them, but reversing the damage. That is why I am so enthused about sharing BMR with others”.      


To learn more about BMR, please visit where you can obtain more information about the practice from the founder, Jonathan Tripodi.

Pricing:  Initial Intake Session (1 1/2 hours) – $140, Regular Session (1 hour) – $125.

Have questions? Wish to book a session?  Contact Kathrine


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