Aqualead Healing


hands of light-1

Aqualead is an energy therapy focused on healing water in both living beings and in the environment. It has a strong cleansing and purifying effect as it helps remove toxins and lower vibrations from the water in the body . We are all at least 70% water so it is logical to focus on this element when healing. An Aqualead session often leads to a refreshed and invigorated feeling and helps one gain more insight and clarity. Some just report a greater feeling of balance and calm. However, like any energy treatment, it can also involve the release of toxins and lower emotions leading to detox symptoms before the positive effects are felt.

Aqualead therapy is a free, one-time add on to any other therapy session.  Aqualead distance therapy is provided as a stand alone free service for cancer patients undergoing treatment and their caregivers.  Aqualead add on or stand alone free services are subject to availability.


Contact Kathrine for more information or to add on to your service


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