About Kathrine


“The most profound wellness and joy flows from healing the wound of separation and realizing our connection to all that is.”   


portraitkl3Before becoming an energy therapist and teacher, Kathrine Lemmon worked extensively in the corporate and legal fields, gaining a full understanding of the stresses of today’s working environment and the importance of relaxing the body and nurturing and honouring the soul to maintain health. Her goal is to assist clients in balancing practical, worldly pursuits with periods of calm introspection, self-care, self-discovery and spiritual connection.

Kathrine is a Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy ® (IET) and a Master of Usui, Tera Mai, Kundalini and Karuna Reiki. She is a Metatron Colour Healing practitioner, Level I and 4 Body Memory Recall ® practitioner, an Aqualead, Queldon and Dyanstir Master and teacher, and  a recipient of a 2014 Top Teacher Award from the Centre of Being, Inc. (the governing body for IET). She has also been initiated in Belvaspata healing of the heart and is trained to provide Egyptian oil therapy to open the meridian lines in the body.  Kathrine has also studied quantum breathwork healing, meditation, akashic records reading, axiatonal realignment, pranic healing, channelling, past life regression, coaching, and conflict resolution. She is a natural empath and a practiced intuitive and medium. 

 Kathrine brings a deep spiritual sense to her practice of energy work derived from her own self study in the area of spirituality and spiritual development. She has travelled to sacred sites in Egypt, Sedona, England, Ireland and Peru to connect with the healing energies at these locations and to raise her own vibration to benefit both herself and her clients. She continues to study and travel regularly to expand her knowledge and experience with energy and spirit.

With a passion for assisting people to discover a new awareness of their energetic being and and their connection to all that is, she believes that exploring the mysteries and dynamics of life is what deepens our experience of it and enhances our existence.

For Kathrine, it is the sense of awe and wonder that we feel when exploring new concepts and connections that keeps us young and ensures we continue to grow as humans and as souls. She is able to bring this aspect into her energy practice according to a client’s needs.

Feel free to contact Kathrine with questions or for a free consultation here.



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