About Lighter Life Dynamics



The journey to the birth of Lighter Life Dynamics began as a result of my search for something (anything!) that would relieve my own stress and help me to feel myself again. I was a corporate lawyer for many years and I discovered that the longer I worked at it, the more responsibility I took on, which grew the strain exponentially.


The Hand of Serendipity

So when a Reiki practitioner showed up at the spa I periodically attended, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, it shifted me deeply. It wasn’t until later that I realized my whole perspective had changed somehow… in a way it had helped me react differently to events and circumstances.

I had to know more!

That’s what lead me to take my first Reiki training course, which lead to many other energy courses and studies and finally lured me into energy therapy full time.


It’s All Energy

I initially approached energy therapy from a logical place – I could see for myself that

flying dandelion seeds on a blue background

it worked, but how? What was really happening? I could feel the energy and see the results and I began to study things from both an experiential and scientific point of view.

I came to fully appreciate that we are all comprised of energy – molecules in dynamic movement. We are in constant interchange with our environment and everything around us…it is all energy. Energy exchange is as natural as breathing – and it made sense to me to bring that to a conscious level and to assist others in that interplay for better health and well being.

Like Attracts Like…Energy Follows Intention

Hummingbird (archilochus colubris) in flight with tropical flower over green background

A couple of essential understandings that I have gained is that like attracts like, and that energy follows intention. Therefore, we need to manage our energy (our thoughts and emotions) to ensure that we attract into our lives all that we need and want. When circumstances or people seem difficult or life is stressful, we tend to blame the world outside of us. But our external world reflects our internal state. Through our energetic state, we create our own reality.



Tapping Into The Spiritual Component

And…there was another aspect that crept in – a spiritual component. I realized that when I tapped into this energy, it felt holy and divine. I began to sense a spiritual and loving presence around when I was giving treatments. I also felt that the energy of a person could behave quite differently than the physical body I was seeing on the table.

womanreachingforlightIt occurred to me that … Truly, what energy therapies are tapping into is the energy of the soul within and the unconditional love around us. Energy work therefore hits you not just at a physical level, but at emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well.

So, through my own experience and that of my clients, Lighter Life Dynamics has emerged. I have come to believe that energy work helps connect us once more to our divine source. Disconnection from this source is the primary cause of stress, fear and illness. I feel it is really the wound of feeling separate from others and from the world around us that leads us to get caught up in all negative states.

One of the most powerful moments in the work I do happens when someone actually has a realization of this connection and of all that they are – of their true identity as a magnificent, creative, energetic being whose birthright is joy and abundance. It is my privilege to help clients learn to tap into source energy in a conscious way and understand their connection to All That Is. That AHA moment is life changing and nothing is ever the same again.


As it did for me, a whole new world and way of being can open for you…

May your Life  fill with love and light and be dynamically alive!


Heart from water splash with bubbles isolated on white

I am always open to speaking with you…feel free to contact me here for a consultation




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