Lighter Life Dynamics supports clients to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual healing by returning energetically to the state of flow that brings the joy and light back into their life and reconnects them to who they truly are.


Struggle, stress and dis-ease are signs that you need to adjust your approach

Are you in constant motion yet still feel stuck, burdened and weighed down?

Can you intuitively sense that something is missing the mark when it comes to fulfillment and joy in your life and yet still feel unclear about what to do?

Maybe you’ve tried changing your external reality (your job, your relationships, your home) and have found temporary relief at times, but soon you are right back in the same limiting emotional space, despite the change in circumstances.

Dynamics are the driving and motivating forces that influence change

It’s time to lighten up your life dynamics !


copy-of-kathie_photos-7Kathrine Lemmon provides a unique combination of spiritual coaching. intuitive guidance and energy therapy in each of her sessions and in her classes, supporting and encouraging you to live to your fullest potential.


Questions? Want to book a session? Contact Kathrine here

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